The truth about Herbalife

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Herbalife warriors need not apply 

One of my clients using my ‘Ultimate Training & Nutrition’ package posted this great insight into something that has become a popular trend at the moment….. Herbalife!

Just looking below you can see what the problem is here

On the top right is the nutritional information for the Formula 1 shake by Herbalife (Contains more than 45 ingredients that you can’t even pronounce)

Bottom left is what the shake equates to in physical food! Shocking right? It’s border line starvation - no wonder people lose weight.

Bottom right is what she eats in one meal and this is a 108lb female who is 5”3 and carries bikini body year round ‘naturally’, I will also add that this is a normal person no athlete or competitor by any stretch. (Contains fewer than 5 ingredients that are not created or added in a laboratory)

So before you go and waste your time or money on Herbalife think about whether you want a quick fix result that is unhealthy or a long-term result that is sustainable.

In this case “Don’t believe the hype’

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Life isn’t about eating disorders its about balance