Don't make genetics your excuse


Genetics are not the problem you are!


The reality of it is that we are all genetically gifted in some way or another.


Even those we look up to that have that amazing and well balanced physiques, would have had to overcome their own genetic short comings at some point.  


Using Calves as an example, if they lack size and development what do you do to rectify this? Do you train them first? do you train them more often?


If like me you have calves with a high insertion point commonly known as 'high calf' making them look short in length - this is genetic. This just means you have to focus on the mass for them to look cell developed much like Arnold did (Fellow high calf sufferer). 


So its not a curse it just means you have to take a different approach in the way that you train them.


For example in day to day life calves only see a short range of motion (ROM) and generally consist of slow twitch muscle fibres depending on the person, its necessary that if you want to see change you have to really focus on ROM when training them. Also prioritising them as a weak muscle is also a good idea (Training them first or twice a week)


There is no right or wrong when you apply logic to training weak muscle groups, the important thing is that you don't use genetics as an excuse.