Something we all have in common…


Whether you’re laid up nursing an injury or trying to avoid one, there are plenty of tips for preventing and recovering from injuries.? But remember, “Prevention is better than cure”


Here are some of my injury prevention tips:


Static stretching

The internet will provide lots of reasons why you should and shouldn’t perform static stretching. Personally, I find it really helpful for muscle stimulation and range of movement before and during a workout. It’s ideal for the short, tight muscles.

This is the kind of stretching we’ve all done at some point – it’s the relaxed muscle being brought under tension for a period of time (10 seconds or more). For example – touching your toes before a hamstring workout.

A static stretch is just that – a stretch. This isn’t warming your muscle or joint, hence the controversy of the technique. Warming up is still something that you should do before a big strength workout. This type of stretching is referred to as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)


Soft tissue work

This has become a popular craze because it really is that good and can be done in two ways and fits any budget. The first way is using one of those dreaded foam rollers and this is known as self-myofascial release (SMFR). I usually perform this on my legs post workout and believe me it hurts like hell but highly recommended by many ‘No pain no gain’ right? It’s just as simple as holding a position on the foam roller for up to 60secs which will help reduce that unwanted scar tissue. Foam rollers come in all different shapes and sizes and are relatively cheap.


This is a cool article on foam roller ‘techniques’ here


The second way is to book yourself in for Active Release Technique  (A.R.T) a massage like practice, one of my favorite approaches but it can be costly if you want to get is done frequently but I highly recommend it! Even if you do it once a month your body will thank you for it in the long run. Just look for a reputable professional with all the credentials and book yourself in.


Joint mobilization

Not a new approach by all means but it’s undoubtedly the best, you can perform the exercises at home on days off or in the morning before work. This will, I kid you not improve your performance and power output. If you have ever suffered from tight hips this is a savior and trust me leaving tight hips can lead to back and knee problems.  To some it looks like you are preforming stand like yoga moves or some kind of karma sutra but its all in the name of mobility and this is vital for any body.

So for those of you sitting at a desk all day or trying to powerlift your way into the record books make this investment in your mobility


I recommend buying a book called ‘Becoming a supple leopard’ By Kelly Starrett it’s worth it.


And for those who have injuries currently I recommend:


Deep tissue

You are far from being down and out, my friends and this is the place to start! Deep tissue massage (DTM) targets scar tissue and helps release chronic knots like adhesions etc. I love DTM having damaged my lower back at a young age trying to prove myself in the gym, (we all learn) until DTM and a good practitioner my back progress stalled for close to 4 years following the initial injury and back pain was my arch enemy. So like A.R.T find a good and recommended therapist and book yourself in so you can get back to hitting those personal records and crushing your goal.


I hope you guys found this insight useful, please share the knowledge because sharing is caring ;-)

Train smart and train hard