So whats the deal with cardio?


Its as boring as hell, that’s the deal


Having tried many if not most forms of cardio bar skiing or window-shopping and I can say that the best kind is metabolic circuit training.


Ever see those big dudes flipping those massive tires? Or aimlessly hitting them over and over again with a massive sledgehammer?


Well what you witnessed looks brutal right and like a lot of hard work? Let me tell you it is but boy is it fun especially if you do it with a training partner although not essential


So if like me you have no desire to run aimlessly on the spot investigate metabolic circuit training, it will have you burning fat like sprints but its way more FUN and rewarding too.


In the picture are some of the tools used to do a metabolic circuit, get to know them, as they should be your best gym buddies!!


Share your cardio experiences below, I always like to hear what’s currently popular