It’s a game of recovery..

Some people are only concerned with protein shakes and lifting heavy weights but the truth of the matter is, if you want to continue smashing PR (Personal Records) and making progress year on year naturally... you will need to step up your nutrition game.


Regardless of if you train or not Antioxidants are essential for us all and more so the ones of us that engage in any kind of physical stress. Yes this includes anything from power walking to deadlifting 270kg/600lb.


So before I say my bit might I suggest having a quick look at this video, it does a great job at explaining the basics.



So as you see wheat grass serves a very good purpose other than tasting horrible but if you prefer the niceties in life you can opt for fresh blueberries instead.


The video also mentions Acia berries which are hard to get hold of being a tropical fruit, so either get them frozen or go with one of the other options to ensure you are getting the real deal.


Other top options include:

Black Raspberries




Having a portion post workout or following exercise is a perfect time to get your antioxidants in. This is just another tip to help you improve your health and fitness, muscle building or fat-loss journey.