15 weeks out from my next show....

I know some of you follow my progress within the competitive industry so I though I would post an update here with a little of what I'm currently doing and why!

So there is around 15 weeks to my next show, which is the WBFF world Championships in Las Vegas (No big deal!). Most of my peers are well into their contest prep but this year I'm planning a little something different.

I have always been an advocate of trying new ways to train and diet coming up to a show and this year is no different. So what is the plan?

Well if you take a look at my video you will see that I'm pretty much going all out, I will be incorporating a lot more powerful movements coming up to my show. I always lift heavy but this year I will be pushing the envelope of my own potential to see where it will take me and I have my eye on some large PR's (Personal records)

I plan to make the odd post every now and again about my own journey to the stage this year and hopefully I can inspire some of you including my current clients..

So in the mean time enjoy my pain!