Competing in 2014

So this year I will be competing in the WBFF Pro World championships in Vegas, for me it’s that moment in the year where I get to blow the dust of my posing trunks and practice what I preach.


16weeks out and my ‘plan’ has already been plotted leaving me with the task to find posing trunks and make up a show winning routine.


I know a lot of my supporters and followers like to see what I’m currently doing and I aim to share as much of my contest prep as I can. Like I say I’m currently 16weeks out but I have no intention of contest pre dieting for that length of time because I have a good starting point.

I touched down at 192lb on the scale this AM and my calories are around 2,700 currently.

As for the pictures, they were taken one week apart (top being current) since I've entered the 'clean up' phase of my diet which consist of tracking my macros more accurately before I start my contest prep

My bodyfat is already in single digits and I aim to bring a cracking condition to the stage this year following last years performance which was my worst to date in every aspect.

This time around there will be no distractions and my time will be dedicated to my clients and my very own prep.

Thanks to all who support me including my sponsor MuscleTech, its appreciated and I hope to bring some kind of trophy home for you guys


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