Water, how important and how much?


A subject I have covered before but not in much detail and after the same questions being asked recently it’s time to share some facts.

Getting straight to the point, the benefits are virtually endless so here are a few that are most beneficial to us gym folk

Increases circulations – Great for reducing  cellulite ladies

Increased muscle perform in the gym – Reduces muscle fatigue

Skin – Acts like a natural moisturizer (personal favorite)

Digestion – Helping prevents constipation 

Less water weight – Look leaner year round

As said these are just a few benefits which are gym related, others befits like helping kidneys function are more beneficial to general health than looking lean year round!

Something to think about is that when the body is thirsty it triggers the same signals as hunger so when reaching for the dreaded ‘snacks’ it might just be a case of needing some hydration, water!

So what is an optimal amount for the average gym goer?  Well this has been discussion for years but there is no magic figure other than the government guidelines which is somewhere around 2 liters a day.

I have my clients on more, sometimes it differs but for a women somewhere between 3- 3.5 liters a day and men 4-5 liters a day excluding teas and coffees. This is my gold standard and all of my clients see many benefits after going down this road. It takes getting used to but it’s worth it!

So get drinking guys and girls.