DOMS on Pre order!!


If like me you have struggled with quad stimulating try my intense quad session I completed this week..

A - Warm Up
5min high resistance upright bike followed by 2-3mins of Stretching

B - Pre Exhaust: Quads
4x Seated leg extensions

25Reps both legs

(Moderate weight and stretching between sets)

B2 - Pre Exhaust: Quads

6x Walking BB lunges 
20 Reps per leg

(Moderate weight)

C1 – Quads
6x Leg Press

25 Reps (Rest pause to complete sets Max 3sec pause)

C2 – Quads
5x BB box/platform setups
12 Reps

D - Finisher
4x leg extensions 10/10/10r 
(toes out/toes straight/toes in) 

This should be performed with minimal rest periods and the correct form to get the most from this workout.

Give it a try and let me know if it stings?

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