The pitfalls of 'Online training'....

How to spot a waste of your time and money for online coaching 

Here are a few points to keep in mind when shopping for a trainer online:

1. Constant discounts to reel people in - you get what you pay for. 

2. If the service is completely custom/tailored it will take time to put one client pack together, especially if the coach is catering to a client with a busy schedule, food allergies, injuries and specific strength goals. If it's something that's provided overnight, the chances are you just got ripped off with a generic plan. 

3.Generic plans may get you results but they'll likely be short term and unsustainable. This kind of aggressive dieting can sometimes end up causing negative relationships with food. 

4.An important feature to look out for, is an assessment where you can express your dietary requirements and preferences as well as your training commitment. Thorough assessments are the difference between being just another number and building a relationship between coach and client. Without knowing how you tick, how can your 'coach' tailor a plan especially for you?

Don't fall into the £50/$70 "tailored training and nutrition plan" trap because they are usually far from tailored and likely to have been sent to dozens of other people.

Remember your health isn’t something you should be shopping in a bargain basement for, invest wisely and reap the long lasting rewards.

See the example below......