No more dairy!!

Being very conscious of health and sustainability of good health on a daily basis, I've made it my mission over the years to try new things food options that are 'better' than what is currently options available on our shelves.

One of the biggest challenges has been completely removing dairy, its something that is incredibly hard to remove without the negative side effect of a chemical shit storm in its place, to make up for flavour. 

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a massive burger fiend and I do love a good old double cheese burger (Fiveguys style). Over the last few years I've removed at least 95% of dairy from my diet and now that I have found this little gem its made things a whole lot easier.. Yes it really is that good!

The main reason for me removing cheese and dairy is because of the known links to terminal diseases. I don't think there is anything wrong with dairy in moderation but in this day an age there are alternatives out there that are better if health is a priority for you 

PS. I'm no vegan btw..