Forearms like Popeye…

fore arm.jpg

So to train or not to train forearm ?

I’ve been asked so many times in the gym why I don’t use straps especially for back exercises like deadlifts and I shall explain…

If you didn’t know there are many kinds of contraptions out there that are designed to focus on forearms/ grip strength and to name a few

Fat gripz

Hand grip

Wrist roller


There are also a few exercises that isolate them that you can do at home or in the gym

Cable wrist curls

Farmers walk

Finger curls

Plate pinch


But I honestly believe that in order not to suffer at the hands of weak forearms and poor grip strength you must stimulate them and I don’t mean a few exercises from the above selection while you wear straps for every other exercise. I mean stimulate them on anything that requires your grip strength.


Over a year ago I ditched my straps permanently for liquid chalk, I also watched my deadlift fall from 507lb (230kg) to 352lb (160kg) crazy right? Grip strength was though the floor and just couldn’t hold the weight, not to mention they were getting completely pumped out before I had finished a workout.

It took me sometime to get back on track but was it worth it? Yes 110% anything that required grip strength like picking up 150lb (68kg) Dumbells without a spotter became like child’s play… ok not quite but certainly more manageable which is kind of the whole point 

I’m not telling you to throw out your straps but maybe save them for a rainy day, don’t live by them