Client Progress


Client - Emma

She walked into the gym not feeling very comfortable with her body image and decided to start her fitness journey in early fall of 2012.


Weighing 115lb her mission was to lose weight and by the summer of 2013 she had plummeted to 100lb at her heaviest - she then became an online client of in September 2013.


The focus then became to add some quality muscle mass to her very small frame; she had a vision of what she wanted to look like and had her diet and workout regime overhauled accordingly.


Being very proud of her progress, she decided to share her transformation pictures.


Left picture was taken before her diet and training overhaul on Friday the 13th September 2013 and the right picture was taken Friday 6th of Feb 2014.


Now weighing 108lb and getting stronger by the week whilst maintaining a body fat low enough to see her abs.

Package - Ultimate training and nutrition 


Big thanks to Emma for sharing her journey and we look forward to her testimonial in the coming weeks