Where did I go in 2015?

I can’t believe its been over a year since I last posted.. Shameful!!

The truth be told I have been extremely busy with changing lives for others and my own.. Having been on the road all over Canada and the States for most of 2014, seeing to clients and keeping social media current became a precedent over writing blogs for the site – lame excuse huh?

Death Valley plus muscle man! 


So what's new and what’s been happening with Jason Dwarika?

I have a puppy (Weimaraner) named Rowland and I’m currently working behind the scenes putting together a huge and exciting project, all will be revealed next year so watch this space - I think you all will love it so make sure you subscribe to my blog! 

Rolwand the blue eyed nuisance..... 

When it comes to the gym and nutrition – the boring stuff, I took some much needed time away from the stage to work on my physique.  I addressed some weaknesses and spent a lot of time making my strength functional and improving my fitness levels and man has it been worth it. I plan to post updates on my blog every two/three weeks but for those die-hard supporters you can follow me over on Instagram for my daily activity or even chat rubbish with me on twitter.

Speaking of support I now have the support of a rising brand within the industry of health and fitness - go check them out So if you wondered what bag I’m rocking in the picture below it’s the Velocity backpack and yes its awesome - if you want your own use the discount code “friends15” to get 15% off J yet another reason to subscribe. 

A backpack with storage than a New York apartment

Take home info –

As I said above I’m planning on doing updates on my own journey every two weeks and every 4 weeks I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge free of charge yes ‘FREE’.. So if you want to know what has made me successful as a lifetime natural weightlifter SUBSCRIBE to my blog – hell get your family and friends to also!

Until next time Au revoir amigos