Frequently asked questions

Do you train people?

Yes, this is an online service providing workouts, nutrition packages and fortnightly progress check ins. Depending on service you choose full email and Skype support is offered.


Can I get advice and what kind do you offer?

Advice and support is available via Skype instant messenger and email. The level or support differs depending on the service that is purchased. A one off Skype session can be purchase by using the 'Contact' page to make a request.


Do you only take on experienced people? 

No, all levels are welcome and everyone is treated on an individual basis.


Are the workout and diet plans printable?

Yes, all workout and diet plans can be downloaded in PDF form and printed.


As an online client, what can I expect? And what do you expect from me?

 Expect to work hard – the key to success for an online client is self-motivation. As I wont be there with you in person, you need to be able to remain focused and put the hard work in off your own back.

Its crucial that you’re honest with me when it comes to feedback and assessments; adjustments are made to your plan on the assumption that you’ve followed my advice 100% so its important to give an honest account of how you’ve been eating/training.


Why online coaching? Is gym based personal training an option?

Online coaching is a new way for athletes and fitness professionals with the knowledge and experience to offer a completely one to one form of training at the fraction of the cost of a gym visit.

The price of a whole month’s tailored planning and support from me wouldn’t cover 3 moderately priced sessions with a PT at your local gym – plus those 45 minute PT sessions rarely offer any dietary advice or support.