In 2008 Jason was one of 26,000 fitness enthusiasts to enter the Men's Health cover model competition.

He not only made the final 10, but was also invited to feature in no less than six editions of the UK's best selling men's fitness and lifestyle publication over the course of 2 years.



Injury & Rehabilitation

With his motivation levels reaching a new high, Jason decided to finally take to the competitive stage, but not before working on his known weakness; Jason had previously been involved in a car accident leaving him with a damaged ACL and torn cartilage through his right knee.

He knew that before he could step into the spotlight, he would need to first dedicate himself to rehabilitate, repair and rectify the visual imbalance - this took the best part of 2 years and in 2012, Jason made his competitive debut in spectacular fashion.


Miami Pro (formally known as FAME), is the UK's largest annual fitness competition, and in 2012 Jason took to the stage in their fitness model category for athletes weighing over 75kg.

At a debut appearance, many would be simply happy to gain the experience, but Jason had other plans. His hard work and dedication had not only won him the 75kg+ fitness model category but the entire Fitness Model prize across all weights, beating more than 50 athletes.

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With the competitive fire in his belly, Jason wasted no time in signing up to compete in a worldwide federation with a reputation for its natural athletes - the WBFF. 

His recent success at the Miami Pro competition had truly proved what hard work could achieve, so he applied the same tenacity and drive for his preparation for the WBFF European championships in Iceland - it was the least he could do for what is now considered one of the largest and most prestigious fitness federations in the world.

Jason's reputation of overachieving showed no signs of slowing when he arrived in Iceland as a Fitness Model and was immediately promoted to the Muscle Model category after pre-judging. His off season gains had clearly pushed him not only into another category, but also into the 2nd place trophy spot of his new division. This tremendous achievement was made all the better by also winning a WBFF pro card, which of course meant an invitation to compete in the WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas.



In August 2013, Jason took his first steps on stage as a WBFF Pro at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas.

Less than a month before the event, Jason had made the decision to relocate to a different country - not ideal timing during his competition prep, but he had committed himself to the show, both mentally and physically. 

It was an inspiring experience for Jason to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world's best Muscle Models and although he was unhappy with his placing, he was proud to have honoured his original plan to compete despite its inconvenient timing.

He left Vegas with the motivation to ramp up his training protocol as he entered his off season.


August 2014 the WBFF world championship at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas Nevada.

Another busy year for Jason outside of competing, with a huge demand to expand his online consultancy business, he didn’t let that stop him reaching the world stage in 2014.

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